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Hineni (Here I Am)

Jan 27, 2017

Sometimes leaders succeed with ease and sometimes they fail. In this week's Torah portion Moses fails several times before he eventually becomes the man who leads the Israelites from to freedom. When we fail it's important to learn from our failure and then to keep going.

Jan 25, 2017

This week we are in the Torah portion of Vaera (Exodus 6:2 - 9:35). God tell Moses I am here to free the Israelites from slavery

Jan 21, 2017

This week as we enter the book of Exodus. In hebrew we call this book Shemot the book of names. The Torah portion starts out with the names of the Israelites who came down to Egypt. Then later we learn the name of Moses and when Moses encounters God for the first time he says to God tell me your name. As I write this I...

Jan 18, 2017

This week we begin the book of exodus in the Torah Portion Shemot (Exodus 1:1–6:1). The Israelites are slaves and we follow them from slavery to freedom and then redemption. As we begin this journey through Exodus, Let us consider the midwives Shifrah and Puah The process of redemption does not begin with divine...

Jan 16, 2017

Hello, and welcome to another Minute lessons from the Torah. This week we begin the book of Exodus with the Parsha Shemot (Exodus 1:1–6:1). The Israelites are now slaves in Egypt. Our hero Moses is now a criminal and living as a shepherd. One day he takes his sheep into the wilderness and he sees a bush all aflame,...